Indigenous Flowers of Cyprus

Cyprus is an Island located in the jap Mediterranean Sea. A couple thousand species of crops and flowers can be uncovered in Cyprus. Some of the flowers have been introduced to the island from different sites like China, United states of america and Australia. There are also some bouquets, which increase naturally in the location. Some of the native flowers of Cyprus are reviewed underneath.

Cyprus Cyclamen

The flower can be uncovered in the woodland of Cyprus. It is national flower of Cyprus. It has 5 upswept petals, which are pink, purple or white in coloration. It has a sweet scent and blooms all through the autumn period.


This flower is also native to Cyprus. It can be observed in distinct shades like crimson or white but typically has a spherical yellow center. The flower blooms late in December.


A single can find various daisy varieties in Cyprus. The flower handles extensive fields on the island. Unique kinds of daisies bloom in different seasons. For instance the sunray or moonbeam daisy blooms in the summer time time whilst the snow bank or purple dome blooms in autumn.

Big Orchid

The huge orchid is commonly located in south Cyprus. The flower is really large and has a powerful fragrance. There are diverse hues of this flower which include dim pink, purple and whitish environmentally friendly. It begins to bloom from mid-February.

Cyprus Tulip

As is evident from the name, Cyprus tulip is native to Cyprus. It is a dim red flower that can be uncovered in the Akamas peninsula. It has 6 oval petals that are marginally pointed and are bordered by yellow. A single can see the blossoms in March and April. The Cyprus Tulip is guarded by the govt and selecting it is forbidden.


This is a aromatic flower with white petals and a slim tube. The flower belongs to the daffodil family members and blooms just after the 1st autumn showers.

Yellow Cyprus Sun Rose

This flower can be located in the dry rocky hillsides of Southern Cyprus. It is native to Cyprus and does not manifest anywhere else. The yellow Cyprus sunlight rose grows from bushy buds to a pale yellow flower. The flower blooms from February to Might.

Cyprus Crocus

This is a fragrant flower with 6 segments. The segments are white with a violet stripe. It is located on the Southern slopes of the Kyrenia range and blooms from November to January.


This flower grows in various components of Cyprus. It is papery in texture and can assortment from red to orange in shade. The flower commonly blooms in spring.

A number of other indigenous bouquets of Cyprus apart from these are grape hyacinth, gladiolus and Giant Fennel.